What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a computer – generated scenario that simulates a realistic experience.

The immersive environment can be similar to the real world to create a lifelike experience.

Are there age restrictions?

We at Imagination VR believe you should be over the age of 12 to use our equipment on your own, but as long as you are accompanied by an adult then you can use it from the age of 6.

Will I be OK to wear glasses? 

Yes, our headsets allow for the use of glasses when playing in VR.

Can I use VR if I have a medical condition? 

VR is supposed to be enjoyable for all who use it. However, if you or your family have previous history of seizures, epilepsy, or loss of awareness then we recommend that you check with a healthcare professional first.

Can I use VR while pregnant?

We have a large amount of VR experiences and games which need little or no movement at all which may suit a person of limited mobility or pregnant.

Do I need to book in advance? 

Booking is best to guarantee your session, but we usually have at least one space open for you to stop by and play without booking.